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How the Clinton Foundation and other big $$$$ think tanks thwart the enviro groups, buy leaders and fool the public

From July – but very good!

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This interview with Cory Morningstar exposes Naomi Klein’s ties to the Clinton Foundation and other thinkers you wouldn’t expect. Young go-getters are co-opted early in life to serve the big $$$$ elite interests.

Nature Bats Last – 04.05.16 [has audio file]

Mike and Guy were joined by independent journalist Cory Morningstar. We discussed the largely unknown horrors of the non-profit industrial complex.

SEE ALSO – On the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

Clinton Foundation BONUS(!)tie to Turkey coup related terrurist, Mullah Gulen, hiding out in PA and his $20+ Billion shady network and CIA stooge status. At 34 min. mark in this interview with Sibel Edmonds –


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