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Clinton Foundation Ties to Nigeria – State Dept. Quashed Boko Haram Terror Org. Label

GOP senators probe Clinton Foundation ties to State, Boko Haram

” . . . Critics have questioned the motives behind State Department officials’ reluctance to put Boko Haram on the list of official terror organizations under Clinton. . . “

“. . . . [Senator] Vitter’s office noted that in 2014, the Senate Armed Services Committee “uncovered evidence that suggests the State Department deliberately downplayed the dangers of Boko Haram and attempted to obfuscate the facts behind the 2011 UN bombing in order to avoid having to make the designation.” His staff pointed to unnamed “Clinton Foundation employees working for the State Department” who may have also been “directly involved in the non-designation [of Boko Haram] for the two years the Department refused to make the designation.”


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