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Who is Monica Hanley?

FBI doc dump on email case reveals role of ‘confidential’ Clinton aide

. . .  ” [FBI] files included new details of the tech intervention by Clinton aide Huma Abedin and Clinton Foundation official Justin Cooper – and a third individual, a Hillary Clinton aide named Monica Hanley.”

“The FBI document said “Hanley received a Top Secret/SCI clearance at DoS.” Despite the training, during one trip to Russia, Hanley was specifically criticized for leaving a classified document in a hotel suite she shared with Clinton during the trip. “Hanley was informed by DS (Department of State) that the briefing book and document should have never been in the suite,” the document said.” . . .

. . . “In her Jan. 11 statement to the FBI, Hanley initially said the computer given to her by Cooper was a MacAir and that it “took several days” for the transfer of emails to the laptop to be performed in her apartment. Hanley also testified in January that she “recalled transferring the emails to a thumb-drive but  could not recall what happened to the thumb-drive.”  (!!!!!)

. . . “Hanley emerged as the go-to staffer often tasked with finding replacements to satisfy Clinton’s chosen use of non-secure BlackBerries.” . . .

NOTE: The FBI documents are linked on our DOCUMENTS PAGE – FC

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