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WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary’s Uranium One Deal Details

On that uranium give-away to Russia Hillary Clinton scored –

Wikileaks new dumpthe Podesta Emails

“Part 1 of the Podesta Emails comprises 2,060 emails and 170 attachments and focuses on Mr Podesta’s communications relating to nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and nuclear interests; 1,244 of the emails reference nuclear energy. The full collection includes emails to and from Hillary Clinton.”   — (more)

10 thoughts on “WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary’s Uranium One Deal Details

  1. sent in ….

    It’s actually Timothy Geithner who oversaw the selling of Uranium One to Russia as lead. He used to work for Kissinger Assoc and also for the CFR. Geithner’s father worked with Obama’s mother in Indonesia (same projects). On one side Geithner is recent German migrants. On the other he is Mayflower. Lived most of childhood outside of US.


  2. A post on –

    Half an hour ago, Wikileaks tweeted this:

    Looks weird Wikileaks promoting another whistleblowing protection agency/source, right? Well, who is “Claire McCaskill”

    I found it very strange Wikileaks promoting some other source of outlet that people can send sensitive information to. So I felt obligated to investigate.

    ….. (more)

    The last link is McCaskill Dodges When Asked About Clinton Foundation Russian Uranium Deal


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