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Bill’s Pay-For-Play Scheme Exposed

Zero Hedge –

Leaked Memo Exposes The Ties Between Clinton Foundation Donors And Bill’s “For-Profit” Activities

” . . . In a subsequent section of the memo entitled “Leveraging Teneo For The Foundation,” Band spells all of the donations he solicited from Teneo “clients” for the Clinton Foundation. In all, there are roughly $14mm of donations listed with the largest contributors being Coca-Cola, Barclays, The Rockefeller Foundation and Laureate International Universities. . . .”

Evidently a good new search term to use in looking up things on WikiLeaks’ Podesta e-mails is company names.


5 thoughts on “Bill’s Pay-For-Play Scheme Exposed

  1. Gee, 2016. In some ways it seems like yesterday when you started this blog and in other ways it seems like a million years ago. Are you following that Vatican spirituality conference that’s going to feature Chelsea?

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