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CF in Haiti Connected: Monica Petersen’s Sudden Death in Haiti

Mining Awareness –
Monica Petersen Memorial Service Livestreaming at 11 am Friday Colorado Time – Assistant Director Human Trafficking Center Died in Haiti

Lots of links to this unfolding story.
Note: Hurricane Matthew took an unexpected turn and hit east Haiti ON ELECTION DAY.

The Haitian Blogger – Hillary Clinton’s Scandalous Conduct in Haiti: Charity Begins At Home

“. . . . VCS Mining according to Schweitzer, had on its board of directors Tony Rodham. Never heard of him? Hillary Clinton’s family name is Hillary Rodham and Tony is her brother. Not only that, but the mining company also lists another board member, former Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. Bellerive co-chaired the “charitable” Interim Haiti Recovery Commission with former US President and Hillary’s husband (at least legally), William Jefferson Clinton.”

25 thoughts on “CF in Haiti Connected: Monica Petersen’s Sudden Death in Haiti

      1. 3 options – or she involved in an undercover sting (or just undercover gov ops) – maybe breaking this up; or she saw-heard things she shouldn’t have (maybe this) and got killed; or she was on US gov business and complained – her academic background and advisor suggests 1 or 3 with 2 mixed in. They had to do that sting before the macoute, alleged drug runner, was installed as Haiti pres – in the interregnum. US should have investigated Pizzagate in the interregnum of Obama and Trump.


      2. I think high up US gov. agencies all in with corrupt acts in Haiti… they pay DynCorp etc. through exclusive contracts. So I think highest levels shutting down any inquiry or law official snooping around.

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  1. (talking about Mining Awareness article:)
    “One other alumni from the Korbel School is PAULA BROADWELL, the Army intelligence officer who had an affair with Gen. David Patraeus and got him fired as CIA director. One of the faculty members at the school is CLAUDE D’ESTRÉE, the head of the Human Trafficking Center, Monica’s boss. Previous threads have pegged him as a potential fox in the human trafficking henhouse. The fact that he’s a Professor at the Korbel School makes it VERY likely he at least has interacted with our Defense and Intelligence agencies.”


  2. There was that Hurricane Matthew that hit east Haiti on election day.
    These bit sent in by a reader:

    …[hurricane] and Northcom for whom Estree worked went in to help out. It is d’Estree but really that’s too long. Why was US Northcom Homeland Security helping in Haiti?

    ….Maybe Claude d’Estree is a pseudonym? Sabine d’Estree was a pseudonym for Richard Seaver – consider the themes in conjunction with human trafficking:
    Claude may still have parents from French Canada or Europe though born in NYC – easily but not necessarily so. Lots of Québécois worked in Lowell Mass since they were allowed to work in French whereas they had to work in English in Montreal prior to the Tranquil Revolution, too.

    another reader says, [ about Maybe Claude d’Estree ]
    …. It could be a pseudonym, I thought of that, but his name, his face and shape of the head, and most convincing is what he is involved in with his research and teaching. He is deep deep deep and for a long long long time. It would be good to find out if he was a redhead before he turned gray. I think he is the real thing.

    This next part is by Dr. Leuren Moret who is following all these leads –
    On “This reminded me that in the Monica Memorial Service Claude d’Estree was weirdly hung up on the pronunciation of his name” topic

    I have identified a lot of these NWO ancient Iranian bloodlines in the UN and of course Fidel Castro was the biggest reveal. He was involved with the Medelin drug cartel, and no doubt with the huge rise of the N’drangheta that was just a village operation. However, when I discovered Leon Panetta was involved with them through his father who came to the US from that village, and that all men in the village had to be members of the N’Dranghetta, then I knew Panetta was more than that.

    The first clue that started everything was that in one particular photo I saw the Iranian/Asian Silk Road eyes, and in another that he had an Uzbek nose. I took his photos to a Persian dinner party and I asked them if he had an Uzbek nose and they all said YES!!!! and told me Stalin was Persian too (and I confirmed later that Attaturk and Tito also). So then I found out Panetta’s father had always lived in Hapsburg Empire regions of Italy near Sicily. He was not born in that village (Salerno) but he emigrated to the US from there. Also it is one of three places in the world where they grow commercially Bergamot oranges indicating ancient Iranian origins also. Then I checked his name, and discovered it means “bread seller” but that there was an old royal Hapsburg family associated with that name (used it as a cover) and that they were Hapsburg princes from northeastern Italy near the border with Austria. Then I looked at Panetta’s political path and he was Clinton’s secretary of transportation, then Obama’s CIA Chief and then Sec. of Defense, and retired to his walnut orchard in Monterey (where the Navy has a huge facility for training foreign military officers). When I put it all together it was obvious that he took the N’Dranghetta and was the visionary for making it the biggest drug operation in the world in about 20 years, and is all over South America, which means he was in bed with Castro.

    I believe that what you told me above about d’Estree and how he insists on the correct pronunciation of his name is very significant and indicates that he is a bloodline Iranian/Hapsburg like Fidel Castro, like Steppan d’Mistura (UN Special Envoy to Syria), and there will be more to come. You can see that d’Estree is very involved with topics that involve UN programs, with CIA ops, with the visionary/academic approach to illegal activities that involve UN higher ups, and that he is operating at a very high level. By the way another one is Michel Chossudovsky, who told me when I asked him what his name meant – after he choked on it for a while – that it means Hassidic in Russian and that his family were (first time) grain buyers in Rostov-on-Don, and then forgot (second time) he told me they were cloth merchants. The Hassidic Jews are the most dangerous because they do the intel and high level criminal activities. I could never find out anything about his father or family but he did slip enough times when his father died, to look at his obituary on Michels website. There it was out in the open – his father was seminal in starting the UN. It is obviously a criminal organization for the ancient Iranian bloodlines. The European Jews like the Ashkenaz are not real jews, they practice a satanic belief system from the Kabbalah and Talmud, and from DNA studies they have been identified as Silk Road merchants. The culture of lying and genocide they practice goes back to Mesopotamia, they have always been that way.

    Steppan d’Misturra’s last name means “mixture” and in elite terms it means bloodlines that were descended from both the Western Roman emperors and eastern Byzantine emperors. He is a very nasty piece of work and has done his best to protect the terrorists in Syria and encourage the genocide of the Syrians. The man is a slaver.

    I have also been involved personally with Michel Chossudovsky and Fidelito Castro at international war crimes tribunals and they really destroyed my participation as an expert witness on DU, and got me ousted. They are very dangerous and very ruthless – all those people at the top of the UN are beyond criminals.

    It’s the only thing that explains why after hundreds of thousands of years, 85% of the global population owns nothing. These thieves of today operating through the UN are robbing humanity of the fruits of their labor. And it happens every generation through wars, disasters, forced relocations, and slavery, and plagues.



  3. MORE on Haiti

    “Agency for International Development v. Alliance for Op” — court doc

    Click to access 12-10_21p3.pdf

    Yeah, it’s that Rumsfeld making the pitch for brothel biz …

    From –
    “Is USAID in any way complicit and aiding in the human trafficking?” FBIAnon only answer – “!!!”

    USAID, Scalia, Sex Trafficking Link – Needs Digging Please Read all.

    “The ruling was opposed by Justice Scalia and Thomas but they lost 6-2.

    Open Society International argued that this would allow treatment of AIDS infected sex workers etc to be carried out, which may be a noble cause but is there something more sinister going on here? This ruling allows for US government funding to private corporations who could in turn associate with sex trafficking and prostitution.”


    Greeting U.S. Embassy staff

    Haiti: Secretary Clinton visit
    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Haiti on Jan. 30 (2011) to consult with members of civil society, political actors, Haiti’s president etc.

    Caracol Industrial Park


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