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Business-model collapse? Clinton Foundation donations fell 37% in 2015

The Clinton Foundation is not as well-funded as it used to be

” . . . after Hillary Clinton announced her bid for the presidency in early 2015 and took on less responsibility, donations plunged. . . .
The decreased funding came at a time of increased turnover in other positions. For example, Donna Shalala, former Health and Human Services secretary under President Clinton, took the reins of the charity in 2015 but was forced to resign just months later after suffering a stroke.
Eric Braverman, a close friend of Chelsea Clinton, was also hired in 2015, but reportedly did not get along with Bruce Lindsey, a top executive. Braverman took $330,000 and left the job just 18 months later.”


NY Post – How the Clinton Foundation brought down Hillary’s campaign

” . . . In August 2013, the New York Post broke a story showing the Clinton Foundation had spent $50 million on private travel. Former President Bill Clinton had apparently become addicted to private jets. The general election was still more than three years away, and already the Clinton Foundation was transforming from a well-meaning charity to a private slush fund enriching the Clintons, making a mockery of Hillary’s claim the next year that her family was “dead broke.””

ABC:     A Ukrainian steel magnate who was one of the largest donors to the Clinton Foundation has surfaced on newly filed tax records for Donald Trump’s charitable foundation, raising alarms from some of the Clintons’ most vocal critics.


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