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On Billionaire Criminal Ng Lap Seng and CF


Former U.N. Official Dies Before Testifying in Bribe Scandal With Clinton Donor

” . . . .  He was arrested in October 2015 in a massive bribery case, accused of accepting $1.3 million in bribes from Chinese billionaire real estate developer Ng Lap Seng, a major Clinton Foundation donor.  Ashe had been in plea talks as recently as May, and reportedly was scheduled to testify in court this week. “


Chinese Billionaire and Clinton Donor Arrested in U.N. Bribery Scheme
Ng Lap Seng is charged with conspiracy to bribe a United Nations official. In the ’90s he funneled $1 million to the DNC and the Clinton-Gore ticket.


PizzaGate Update: Clinton Donor Tied to Human Trafficking?



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