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Egypt and CF, CF and human organ snatchers


cuffs86Former Clinton Foundation Employee With Ties To Muslim Brotherhood Sentenced To Life In Prison

Gehad El-Haddad was sentenced for supporting an Islamist protest against the military-led ousting of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.


CLINTON MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD OPERATIVE ARRESTED IN EGYPT Gehad cuffs_95purpel-Haddad taken into custody for inciting violence.

” . . . A mere month after Haddad quit his Clinton Foundation job for full-time employment with the Brotherhood a year ago, now-deposed Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi received an invitation to deliver a major address at the Clinton Global Initiative, a high-profile project of the foundation.”


Exposed: Hillary Clinton Foundation’s Muslim Brotherhood Connections111dollar7

” . . . Qatar was another country that donated to the Clinton Foundation during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. Speaking of Qatar, it was who reported on a Qatari document that appeared to show bribes to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt in U.S. dollars:

NOW . . .  THIS:

Egypt Uncovers International Satanic Organ And Child Trafficking Ring
goatheadguyDoctors at prestigious universities are accused of working in the smuggling network. Investigators said they seized large sums of money and gold bullion.

An international Satanic organ harvesting ring has been uncovered in Egypt. Authorities have arrested doctors, nurses, professors and members of the elite allegedly involved in Satanic rituals involving human organs and dead children.

No tie to CF . . . . yet . . .

That didn’t take long . . .   smilieBlue

The Clinton Foundation invited the prime minister of Kosovo to the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting knowing full well that he had been implicated in a human organ trafficking scheme as leader of the Kosovo Liberation Army in the late 1990s.

Clinton Foundation ties to “mafia-like” human organ and drug trafficker exposed in STATE.GOV emails: U.S. backed Albanian P.M. of Kosovo Hashim Thaci


2 thoughts on “Egypt and CF, CF and human organ snatchers

  1. News reports leave out the satanic part (which may be an embellishment)
    “The United Nations has also issued reports saying that Egyptians are still involved in illegal organs trade. The reports claim that hundreds of poor Egyptians sell their kidneys and livers each year to pay for their food and debts.

    There were also reports in 2012 showing that refugees in the Sinai were being “killed for the traffic of organs.””


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