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More and More CF-Gate Posts Have New Tie-Ins to #PizzaGate

The new add-on material to posts here is in COMMENTS.

Here’s one today on Unilever and CF that also pops up on pizzagate discussion at

Note – while not many new posts appear on this blog lots of new COMMENTS do adding new new info.
To make this sub-topic, pizzagate, easier to find in the COMMENTS – – here is a link to all of the comments with “” in them.

See also the FC blog – pizzagate_sm


The #PizzaGate wiki –  CF section –   pg_wiki



4 thoughts on “More and More CF-Gate Posts Have New Tie-Ins to #PizzaGate

  1. Sorry I don’t have the name of the source but a commenter (maybe on Moon of Alabama?) left this much appreciated link with a wealth of information…. George Webb has a daily series — Where Is Eric Braverman— which connects new and old news through emails, documents, news reports and more with the ongoing saga of Clinton crimes. All roads lead to CF!
    Each segment is 10-15 minutes long; start with Day 53 (apparently earlier vids “disappeared”) or wherever you want to jump in:

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    1. yeah – I have him in comments (semi recent) on the post with tag “Braverman”. He is very good. I morrored a recent video of his in case they block him again!
      I also like this –


  2. FBIanon said to follow the cards to uncover the Clinton Foundation. I may have found them.

    “Beneficiary Registration Kits (BRK) <–This is the only place I can find this phrase. I really don't know what this is or what the Plastic cards are used for. I can make a guess that its a field kit for setting up a quick communications network, but why not say this?
    The important question to ask is why the link to the Red Cross in these 3 countries? When I google clinton foundation and any of those 3 locations, I find years of stories involving the Clintons involvement in there."


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