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FBI official Brian McCauley and his sister’s murder – questions and more questions

ITEM –  From
WaPo story by Matt Zapotosky ( ALT. LINK )

FBI official Brian McCauley had been trying for weeks to get his contact at the State Department to approve his request to put two bureau employees back in Baghdad.”

” . . . . Then Kennedy, a longtime State Department official, explained what he wanted: “There’s an email. I don’t believe it has to be classified.”

The email was from Hillary Clinton’s private server, and Kennedy wanted the FBI to change its determination that it contained classified information. McCauley and others ultimately rejected the request, but the interaction — which McCauley said lasted just minutes over maybe two conversations — has become the latest focal point of the bitter 2016 presidential campaign. The Democratic candidate’s critics have suggested that the conversation between the State Department and the FBI demonstrated inappropriate collusion to benefit Clinton.”

Then Brian McCauley’s sister turns up murdered – :
possibly another clinton body. Tricia McCauley widely reported as dead, brother is named Brian McCauley

Body of missing Washington D.C. yoga instructor and actress found; suspect in custody

‘Step Up’ actress, 46, who vanished on her way to Christmas Day dinner in Washington DC is found dead in her car one day after a mystery man ‘was spotted driving it’

For some reason looking up “Brian McCauley” on a news search, this was returned – “Clinton Foundation Taking Money From Accused Rights Violator” (ABC News)

” . . . Clinton Foundation officials have taken a number of steps in recent weeks to try and burnish their image as transparent –- promising to reveal the names of donors that the foundation said it inadvertently failed to disclose. That public relations offensive was apparent at the heavily-guarded resort in Marrakech. The policy discussions that made up the bulk of the conference schedule were open to the media to attend. The foundation took the rare step of also opening a “networking” cocktail party, where donors, charity workers and foreign leaders mingled over fine wine and Moroccan finger food. “

and this – “How Clinton Donor Got on Sensitive Intelligence Board” (also from ABC News)

“A prolific fundraiser for Democratic candidates and contributor to the Clinton Foundation, who later traveled with Bill Clinton on a trip to Africa, Rajiv K. Fernando’s only known qualification for a seat on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB) was his technological know-how. The Chicago securities trader, who specialized in electronic investing, sat alongside an august collection of nuclear scientists, former cabinet secretaries and members of Congress to advise Hillary Clinton on the use of tactical nuclear weapons and on other crucial arms control issues.”


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