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Seth Rich Murder Mystery Back in the News

FOX News Seth Rich, slain DNC staffer, had contact with WikiLeaks, say multiple sources

The Democratic National Committee staffer who was gunned down on July 10 on a Washington, D.C., street just steps from his home had leaked thousands of internal emails to WikiLeaks, investigative sources told Fox News.

from –

JOHN PODESTA,  E-MAIL: “I’m definitely
> for making an example of a suspected leaker whether or not we have any real
> basis for it.”

If there are follow up stories on this we’ll add them as comments here – FC

19 thoughts on “Seth Rich Murder Mystery Back in the News

  1. 4chan –

    “this will be my only post on this subject, because the leaks are starting to come out.

    John Podesta uses SEIU people to do his dirty work. I am not FBI anon but close. Jennifer Palmieri had Seth murdered, but Robby Mook and John Podesta found out about it and had Jennifer consult with Hillary and Huma and they all decided it was best to silence Seth.

    Once the deed was done, Palmieri and Mook started pushing the “robbery” narrative and the cops in DC went along with it.

    The DC police chief is complicit and covering up for them. He is also a pedophile.

    If you’d like to connect dots, look into SEIU people in DC that night, Jennifer Palmieri’s strange “Tweets”, and Robby Mooks insistence that it is Russia.

    If the right people are informed in the right order, Palmieri, Mook, Podesta, Abedin and the Clinton Machine (phillippe also) will fall. Weiner is going to get immunity it looks like.

    SEIU murdered Seth Rich, connected to Podesta and Palmieri.”


    1. 4chan –

      Anonymous (ID: 9GNkU4eh) 05/16/17(Tue)01:28:37 No.125707393▶
      According to the Center for Responsive Politics, since 1990 the SEIU has been the nation’s top organization contributing to federal campaigns, donating $232,694,670, 99% of which went to Democrats.[45] Over that same period, the National Education Association was the second highest organizational political donor, contributing $96,992,506, 97% of which went to Democrats.[45] Since 1998, the SEIU has spent $19,676,660 in additional money on lobbying.

      [from same link]


    Even more bizarre following bombshell revelation on murdered DNC staffer

    “Five-time Emmy-award winning reporter Sharyl Attkisson shared her razor-sharp insights with WND on a truly bizarre aspect of the investigation: If the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, claimed its email system was hacked by Russia, why didn’t it let the FBI examine its email server?

    And why didn’t the FBI examine the server regardless of whether the DNC objected?”


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