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More Hillary e-mail released by FBI

FBI Vault Hillary Clinton e-mail is now up to SET 11 –

The entire FBI Vault collection of Hillary e-mail is also on our DOCUMENTS page – FC

  Also – we added a new link to the Resources page for this:



8 thoughts on “More Hillary e-mail released by FBI

  1. Some nuggets –
    Part 8 – page 14 on how great Guatemala is with “rule of law” (barf!)
    Part 9 – page 14 bottom of the page scribble mystery “cannot pressure” … who? H?
    then part 9 starts with interesting pages with p. 60 and after.


  2. Set 9 – page 66 –
    Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills were “gatekeepers” of sending HRC material

    page 69 mentions 7th floor of state (that’s the floor Trump first first thing in office)….
    also on p. 73 ….


  3. Set 9 – page 86 …. someone (agency, office) gets told by the FBI not to destroy records ….
    and on p.89 whoever got that order want to dump the hot potato records as soon as 90 day request is up unless an extension order is given….


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