2 thoughts on “Charles Ortel is CLOSING IN – with guest Dr. Jerome Corsi

  1. Opinion – a few problems with the bio of this guy, Corsi –

    • He worked on behalf of state terror during the 60s when the whole world was protesting US war crimes in SE Asia.
    • He worked for creepy Bernase (the inventor of propaganda).
    • Jason Goodman is in the room.
    • He keeps quoting QAnon but there’s so far no results from all these “blah-blah about to happen” hints given by the highly questionable source.
    • Trump is a secret genius and is about to drain the swamp meme has no other foundation than Q-tips.
    • Clintons about to be indicted any minute has not materialized. Over a year now into the Trump administration.
    • Trump has put some terrible people in top cabinet positions, Hardly swamp-draining.


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