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Twitter bans Nuke Pro after posting about Clinton crime family

Unjustified Twitter Censorship — After Mentioning the Clinton Crime Crew

“There was a graphic tweet showing the definition of Treason and penalties, and then Trump’s picture.
I retweeted, saying the below and within seconds, my account was “locked”” . . . (more + screenshots)

3 thoughts on “Twitter bans Nuke Pro after posting about Clinton crime family

  1. Twitter is only one of many colluders in the censorship purge…. Thou shalt not speak the TRUTH about the C’s, peedos, whistleblowers and many other forbidden topics!
    [This is a test… as my email has apparently fallen into the shadowban hellhole!]


    Many are grieving the loss of this fine (ex-FBI agent— Badge # 106) journalist known as “taskforce” and JEM and various other screen names. You can find some of her videos here:

    But hurry! The vids are getting taken down. She moved to bitchute but I don’t have that link.
    She worked extensively with George Webb before getting her own vid channel. He pays tribute to her on his utube channel… one example: Day 47.4. A Requiem For Task Force – Badge Number 106

    Others who knew her are spreading the word; Daily Rabbit Hole on utube, for one. She also used twitter and voat.
    Her legacy lives on in each of us!


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