Bloodlines and Messy History

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the theme is old family names and connections to Monica Petersen and Haiti  businesses related to this story.

[ we were talking about Pierre Omidyar ]

sent in:  “An amazing Panetta clone with an Iranian mother!  And, unknown father!  I didn’t have to even read what you wrote to see it was a Panetta clone.  E-bay is being used for money-laundering from what can be read online.  Ndrangheta is tribal-clan based (bloodline) and has entire villages so impossible to break.

I thought about selling clothes online at ebay but saw clothes for as little as 14 cents a decade ago.
How can that be worth dealing with?  And, they take a cut.

You never answered if you know what happens to those who disobey and marry out?  Do they kill the children before they are born?  Is a certain percentage allowed and first they destroy career before killing the unborn?  I wonder. ”


Dr. Leuren Moret had observed:

This reminded me that in the Monica Memorial Service Claude d’Estree was weirdly hung up on the pronunciation of his name.

I have identified a lot of these NWO ancient Iranian bloodlines in the UN and of course Fidel Castro was the biggest reveal.  He was involved with the Medelin drug cartel, and no doubt with the huge rise of the N’drangheta that was just a village operation.  However, when I discovered Leon Panetta was involved with them through his father who came to the US from that village, and that all men in the village had to be members of the N’Dranghetta, then I knew Panetta was more than that.
The first clue that started everything was that in one particular photo I saw the Iranian/Asian Silk Road eyes, and in another that he had an Uzbek nose.  I took his photos to a Persian dinner party and I asked them if he had an Uzbek nose and they all said YES!!!! and told me Stalin was Persian too (and I confirmed later that Attaturk and Tito also).  So then I found out Panetta’s father had always lived in Hapsburg Empire regions of Italy near Sicily.  He was not born in that village (Salerno) but he emigrated to the US from there.  Also it is one of three places in the world where they grow commercially Bergamot oranges indicating ancient Iranian origins also.  Then I checked his name, and discovered it means “bread seller” but that there was an old royal Hapsburg family associated with that name (used it as a cover) and that they were Hapsburg princes from northeastern Italy near the border with Austria.  Then I looked at Panetta’s political path and he was Clinton’s secretary of transportation, then Obama’s CIA Chief and then Sec. of Defense, and retired to his walnut orchard in Monterey (where the Navy has a huge facility for training foreign military officers).  When I put it all together it was obvious that he took the N’Dranghetta and was the visionary for making it the biggest drug operation in the world in about 20 years, and is all over South America, which means he was in bed with Castro. 

I believe that what you told me above about d’Estree and how he insists on the correct pronunciation of his name is very significant and indicates that he is a bloodline Iranian/Hapsburg like Fidel Castro, like Steppan d’Mistura (UN Special Envoy to Syria), and there will be more to come.  You can see that d’Estree is very involved with topics that involve UN programs, with CIA ops, with the visionary/academic approach to illegal activities that involve UN higher ups, and that he is operating at a very high level.  By the way another one is Michel Chossudovsky, who told me when I asked him what his name meant – after he choked on it for a while – that it means Hassidic in Russian and that his family were (first time) grain buyers in Rostov-on-Don, and then forgot (second time) he told me they were cloth merchants.  The Hassidic Jews are the most dangerous because they do the intel and high level criminal activities.  I could never find out anything about his father or family but he did slip enough times when his father died, to look at his obituary on Michels website.  There it was out in the open – his father was seminal in starting the UN.  It is obviously a criminal organization for the ancient Iranian bloodlines.  The European Jews like the Ashkenaz are not real Jews, they practice a satanic belief system from the Kabbalah and Talmud, and from DNA studies they have been identified as Silk Road merchants.  The culture of lying and genocide they practice goes back to Mesopotamia, they have always been that way. 

Steppan d’Misturra‘s last name means “mixture” and in elite terms it means bloodlines that were descended from both the Western Roman emperors and eastern Byzantine emperors.  He is a very nasty piece of work and has done his best to protect the terrorists in Syria and encourage the genocide of the Syrians.  The man is a slaver. 

I have also been involved personally with Michel Chossudovsky and Fidelito Castro at international war crimes tribunals and they really destroyed my participation as an expert witness on DU (depleted uranium), and got me ousted.  They are very dangerous and very ruthless – all those people at the top of the UN are beyond criminals.  

It’s the only thing that explains why after hundreds of thousands of years, 85% of the global population owns nothing.  These thieves of today operating through the UN are robbing humanity of the fruits of their labor.  And it happens every generation through wars, disasters, forced relocations, and slavery, and plagues.

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Here is where Estree insists on pronunciation. (Maybe in the memorial too. )$FILE/15SenJud0128AttachE.pdf

And this was sent as a reaction to the above item by L.M. :
This is frightening.  He is from one of the towns they own.  Note that Panetta was advisor to Clinton when Clinton went into Yugoslavia.  And, who benefitted but the Albanian (Kosovo) mafia who are allies to Ndrangheta.  Just when I finally got used to the spelling I learned that it is actually Andrangheta, related to the Greek for male, as in Androgens, according to some.  If I had learned that earlier it would have saved me pain and misery.  If it were easier to spell people might be more aware.  Albania itself is just across from Italy.  Albanian is considered a language isolate making it more difficult to stop, along with the family base.  Kosovo must exist strictly as a mafia state? 
If you look on wiki Hassidic page at the pictures it puts in mind the pictures of the Iranian clerics – clerks of law.  Except for red vs black it puts in mind the Catholic School of Cardinals.  In all three instances they claim to  act as an intermediary between  people and God.  Shi’a are bloodline based, in contrast to Sunni.  
Hassidic, as well, wiki says.  So too the Albanian mob and Ndrangheta.  Most Popes were Italian, weren’t they, suggesting a bloodline.  Of course, most humans have traditionally been bloodline and patriarchal based with villages being extended families ruled by the oldest male and rarely by females – sometimes women hiding behind a male throne though.  One amazing thing to me about Venice was that gates sealed family based communities from each other at night.  The North African traditional towns  are like this too.  I have even seen this once in Switzerland.   
 This was sent in:

No one talks about the Haiti super-elites being descended from “Syrian” immigrants and one formally Jewish family.  Syrian seems a catch-all term for people from the Ottoman Empire.  The US favored them above the traditional mulatto elites who seem generally darker skinned and French speaking.  There are also English (Baker) and German (Helmcke) very white super-elite families.  Some seem to have married in with some local old mulatto families to a limited extent.  See Unibank at this link: The Helmcke or sometimes Helmke family (Unibank) descend from a German Ambassador.  They seem to be pale, blue-eyed, and black-haired and maybe blond.  They could be German Jews.  They seem based in New Orleans, along with Haiti.

Their name was on the mining permit which included Morne Bossa and which was granted in 1995 or 96.  A photo of the permit is here – on  Morne Bossa gold missing.  They had legal right to mine or at least were given a permit, which is why it is mind boggling that people would think the mine is not active.  This makes it look like the gold went into Unibank.

Helmcke family funded a vodou expo in New Orleans via donations and now apparently in Montreal via Unibank.

The Unibank Helmcke has the bristly white-black hair and blue eyes like Clinton had.

What reminded me was Leueren Moret’s  mention of Hassidic which reminds me of Montreal.  And, that when I visited the printer-research center above that the workers were Russian Jews and the manager at the time worked for Jewish people, and turned on and off lights on the Sabbath for them and other things (computers).  He was very funny.  I wondered at the time what Jewish people had to do with Haiti, though not too much as Montreal is very twinned with New York and the Jewish communities seem to be often kin – at least the English speaking ones.  At least one Bronfman was very supportive of the arts too.  The workers at CIDIHCA don’t seem the same so maybe it’s all just a coincidence.  Or, maybe Jewish people have always run it and still do.  They have printed some interesting books on Haiti.


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I did not see the question about if they disobey and marry out.  The elite bloodlines at the top have very very strict breeding programs.  An example is that for a long time European Kings and Queens had to ask the Pope for permission to marry the chosen person.  It was to prevent inbreeding, with the exception of the Hapsburgs who were deliberately inbred among landholding heirs.  It was so that the original Roman Empire could be recreated through marriages rather than wars, and it worked – the Holy Roman Empire was created.  The inbreeding resulted in the complete collapse of a bloodline after about 200 years, and the introduction of a new cadet bloodline to bring healthy people back into the breeding program.

The punishment for not following the rules of the breeding program sometimes resulted in death, or ostracized by the family, or banished forever.  It is still very much in place even in the US, because I have met women who married outside their “family plan” and they were miserable the rest of their lives from being ostracized, rejected, and most of all bad treatment of their children.  That is actually what Sorority and Fraternity life is about.  Many sororities do not allow their members to go to parties outside the Sorority/Fraternity network.



Dr. Leuren Moret adds –

The Popes were all Iranian because Italians ARE from ancient Iranian bloodlines.  I started noticing that the signs and symbols of Papal regalia were absolutely Central Asian Iranian/Persian (the Papal tiara is the same hat worn by the Shahs, the red leather slippers worn by the Pope are Central Asian, and the strange burial practices of Italians are based on Zoroastrian ritual) so then I started digging more.  I discovered that there was a group of very ancient Iranian bloodlines that go back beyond even the Roman Empire, and they still have tremendous power and control: Pahlavi (Shah of Iran), Farnase (Fidel Castro’s bloodline going back to the Etruscan’s, last Egyptian dynasty – the Ptolemys), Conti, Aldobrandini (their Arabic name means Devil lovers (Al-dobran-dini), Chigi, Orsini, Borgia etc etc.).  And some of these ancient Iranian bloodlines represent the ancient Papal families that serve on the Council of Ten governing committee that oversees the Jesuits. 

I am convinced now that the world is still run by ancient Iranian bloodlines.  The DNA tests from the last 10 years indicate that all of Eurasia was populated by Central Asian bloodlines.

Feb. 2, 2017 – Dr. Leuren Moret says –

Trump and Hillary are descended from the same English Plantagenet King – Henri III – and every US Pres. is also descended from him except Martin Van Buren.  Trump and Hillary are 19th cousins.

So here is the proof for my statements and findings that all these old Indo-Iranian bloodlines have intermarried for thousands of years.  I was really happy to find that in the  great book and well documented on Plantagenet ancestry.  Its the key to understanding the whole N.American-British Isles bloodline families who have dominated since the Normandy Invasion of Britain.  Now I am certain the Plantagenets are one of the major factions competing for power, control, and vast resources in the US and UK.  They were Northern French nobles who joined William the Conqueror on the Normandy conquest and later became kings of England.

Dec. 13, 2016 –



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