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Bill Clinton Donor Fears for His Life

[ DNC donor, not CF donor – but the story is of interest – FC ]

Former Clinton Fundraiser Releases Secret Video Over Fears They May Have Him ASSASSINATED

“In 1996, the DNC and the Clinton administration were exposed in an illegal campaign finance scheme, known as Chinagate. China’s role in this campaign finance scheme was exposed when Bob Woodward and Brian Duffy of The Washington Post published a story stating the Department of Justice investigation into the fund-raising activities had uncovered evidence that agents of China sought to direct contributions from foreign sources to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) before the 1996 presidential campaign.

These contributions from China were in direct violation of United States law forbidding non-American citizens or non-permanent residents from giving monetary donations to United States politicians and political parties.

When federal investigators discovered these illegal donations, they moved in to makes arrests. However, not a single DNC staffer nor either of the Clintons was arrested. Only Johnny Chung — the man who made the secret video fearing the Clintons would have him murdered — would take the fall….”

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George Webb on CF and the Globalist Criminal Network

Our Story So Far . . .

George Webb on the Clinton Foundation & Globalist Criminal Network – Our Interesting Times Podcast



George Webb’s massive spreadsheet of facts –

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Judicial Watch wants Hillary Clinton e-mail back-up data – Tomorrow(!)

Judicial Watch: Court Hearing Tuesday, January 24, in Case Seeking

Clinton Communications Turned over to FBI by Datto


(Washington DC) – Judicial Watch today announced a hearing will be held Tuesday, January 24, 2017, regarding Judicial Watch’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit seeking records held by the FBI in connection with text messages and emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stored on the equipment of Datto Inc., a commercial data management company (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:16-cv-02369)).

Judicial Watch’s lawsuit seeks:

All records, including but not limited to emails or text messages (SMSs, MMSs, BBMs, iMessages, etc.), discovered, recovered, retrieved from, or found on any Datto device, equipment, or hardware connected to or used to backup or support former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s email system.
All records relating to the FBI’s efforts to discover, recover, retrieve, or find emails or text messages stored on the Datto device, equipment, or hardware … (more)

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MORE on the F.B.I. looking at pay-to-play Clinton Foundation – – – Big Surprises!

We’re looking at the rest of this FBI document we reported on yesterday and found a lot!

Here’s a quick peek –







At the end the status of the investigations was still ongoing.


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The F.B.I. was looking at pay-to-play Clinton Foundation racket in 2001! DoJ Holder Knew All About It!!

See FBI document released by FOIA –

. . . cut to the chase on page 65 . . .

It’s all in the record . . .



SAC may mean Special Agent in Charge in FBI lingo – FC