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Kevin Shipp – Indictments Coming (promises, promises!)






Bill, bribery, general, news, Pay-to-Play

Secret “Fundraiser” CF Party Held in NYC

The Daily MailEXCLUSIVE: The Clinton Foundation is back! Sting, Shaggy and Adam Rippon hail charity at $100,000-a-table gala – while chardonnay with Hillary and the Caribbean with Bill go up for auction

“There were signs of the headwinds the trio face however, with the New York venue which hosted the event not being publicly disclosed, and no sign of photographs or videos of the celebrations on the three Clintons’ social media accounts.”

and – Clintons are Rebooting the Clinton Foundation, With the Help of . . . Epstein

(Epstein mention is a little iffy. The prize might be a trip to Puerto Rico, not Lolita Is.)

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Pedo-Connected Cemex reached out to Bill Clinton in 2015 about “operations in Haiti”


“Land is owned by CEMEX  CEMEX is a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and donor to CF / discussed business in Haiti to Bill CEMEX is also owned by Bronfman-Rothschilds CEMEX is under U.S. DOJ Investigation (March 14th / Reuters Article) Emiliano Salinas is son of former President of Mexico Salinas is also an Ex member of NXIVM Salinas worked for Lazard Investments Lazard Investments handled the restructuring of CEMEX Jonathan Rothschild is the MAYOR of TUCSON”

Lots More. Main thread.

Did VOP Alpha Co find Child sex trafficking site on Cemex property? #PEDOGATE



Bill, bribery, Clinton Global Initiative, crime, FBI, outside USA, Pay-to-Play

FBI Checking into Uranium One Deal

Zero HedgeFBI Informant Speaks, Says Feds Asking New Questions About Clintons

” . . . . After Campbell spent decades working for the CIA, he was “turned over” to the FBI for counterintelligence work due to relationships he had forged deep within the Russian uranium industry. While deep undercover, Campbell uncovered two related bribery schemes involving Russian nuclear officials, an American trucking company, and efforts to route money to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) through an American lobbying firm in order to overcome regulatory hurdles . . . .”