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Wikileaks – How Clinton ‘friends’ cashed in on Haiti earthquake

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2016 Alberta Wildfires and Uranium and CF

ALBERTA FIRE/URANIUM Connection/Clinton Foundation?

MORE on the Flying Cuttlefish blog – Directed Energy Weapons Used in 2016 Alberta Wildfires?

2015 NY TimesCash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

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More on Hillary and Qatar

RT2015 Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal link with Qatari royal family

“Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al-Missned, a wife of the former emir of Qatar and mother of the ruling emir, Sheikh Tamin bin Hamad Al-Thani, established contact with Clinton via Cherie Blair. “

“The scale of the Qatar royal family’s investment in the British capital remains largely unknown. Al-Thanis own Harrods, the Olympic village and Shard completely, along with certain property in Hyde Park. A quarter of Sainsbury’s, large share of Barclays and 8 percent of the London Stock Exchange all belong to them, as well as the US embassy building in Grosvenor Square.

Earlier this year it emerged that the Clinton Foundation allegedly received multiple foreign donations during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.”

” . . .It was revealed that governments that had received frequent criticism from the State Department for repressive policies – countries like Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar – had donated to the Clinton Foundation and gained State Department clearance to buy caches of American-made weapons.

In late May, the FIFA corruption scandal also cast its shadow over the Clintons, as it emerged that the Clinton Foundation received at least $50,000 and as much as $100,000 from the football governing body. . . . “

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More Canadian Sleeze – The Lundin Group and CF

2016 – The Daily Caller – Clinton Foundation Got $100M From ‘Blood Minerals’ Firm

“A little known Swedish-Canadian oil and mining conglomerate human rights groups have repeatedly charged produces “blood minerals” is among the Clinton Foundation’s biggest donors, thanks to a $100 million pledge in 2007, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has found.

“Blood minerals” are related to “blood diamonds,” which are allegedly mined in war zones or sold as commodities to help finance political insurgencies or despotic warlords.

When the Vancouver, Canada-based Lundin Group gave its $100 million commitment to the “Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative,” the company had long been cutting deals with warlords . . . “   blah, blah, . . .

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Very Interesting items on FBI Hunt for Marc Rich when he was on the lamb

The FBI released a large file on Mark Rich.


You will recall Marc Rich is the buddy of Bill Clinton and he  and Pincus Green were indicted on 65 criminal counts including: tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the 1973-1974 Oil Embargo, when Rich used contacts in Iran and Iraq to circumvent the sanctions.”
– – – –

” . . . Rich founded the commodities trading giant Glencore. Today it is the World’s 3rd largest family business, and the 10th largest company on the Fortune Global 500 list. It has headquarters in Switzerland, London, the Netherlands, and Jersey. As well subsidiaries all around the globe. Without a doubt its primary interests are oil, gas, and mining.” and Glencore is all in with CF.

Then, when it got interesting and the noose tightened around Marc Rich after a worldwide man-hunt by the FBI, Bill stepped in and pardoned him.

“Clinton pardoned Glencore International mining and oil magnate Marc Rich after his wife, Denise, made generous donations to the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign and his Clinton Library.”

2016 – NY PostBill Clinton’s pardon of fugitive Marc Rich continues to pay big

The FBI Vault document seems to be a long list of chain-of-custody docs plus receipts but it gets interesting after page 228.

Page 238 – 239 involves threats (against a witness?).

Page 242 gets into bomb threats . . . but we don’t know why it’s in this batch. The teletype header says it has to do with Marc Rich, but the topic is this guy Philip Morris Klutznick who seems to be too old for these oil deals.

Page 245 and the next pages deal with the FBI trying to get passport info on fugitives Rich and Green and they get news State Dept. is incompetent with passport data ( in 1985).

Bottom of page 246:


Continued notes on this document set will be in COMMENTS here – FC



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Hillary ♥ Saudi Arabia


Foreign Military Sales (FMS)

“Foreign Military Sales are one of two methods through which a country can purchase new military equipment from the United States; the other is Direct Commercial Sales, which are managed by PM/DDTC. FMS is a government-to-government program through which the U.S. Government sells conventional military weapons, equipment, and services to allied and friendly nations to assist them in meeting their legitimate defense requirements. Although the Department of Defense, through the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), is responsible for implementing individual FMS cases, the Department of State must first review and approve them. DSCA forwards all FMS cases to PM/RSAT, which is responsible for ensuring that they are properly reviewed within the Department for consistency with U.S. foreign policy and national security objectives. In close coordination with other Department bureaus and offices, PM/RSAT officers provide recommendations to PM leadership on whether to approve the potential sale of military equipment to foreign governments through FMS.”

– – – – –Third Party Transfers and Foreign Military Sales Teams and FunctionsShare, US Dept. of State website

“The Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program is a form of security assistance authorized by the Arms Export Control Act (AECA), as amended [22 U.S.C. 2751, et. seq.] and a fundamental tool of U.S. foreign policy.”

Secretary of State determines which countries will have programs.  Secretary of Defense executes the program.”

– – – Foreign Military Sales (FMS), US Dept. of Defense website

    WikiLeaks – the Saudi Cables