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George Webb on CF and the Globalist Criminal Network

Our Story So Far . . .

George Webb on the Clinton Foundation & Globalist Criminal Network – Our Interesting Times Podcast



George Webb’s massive spreadsheet of facts –

bribery, Clinton Global Initiative, crime, D.C., general, money laundering, news, old story, opinion, outside USA, Pay-to-Play, rumor mill, Wall St.

Gawker-Gate, Meet CF-Gate!

New York Tim’s Top Stories
Forbes and Fortune Magazines implied that the entire Gawker operation was a scam to hide cash and promote Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton under the “guise” of a “Fake News facade of Gawker Front Companies operated by Nick Denton…”. Now, it is impossible for any of them to get away with that, because scrutiny has been turned up to “11”. Thank you Peter Thiel!




We found a TON when we looked at major players in this story!

CF-Gate gold!

Nick Denton published Gawker as part of a media empire.

David Harsanyi reports, “So Gawker and its owner Nick Denton filed Chapter 11 today to avoid paying Hulk Hogan the $140 million they owe him after losing an invasion of privacy trial. The suit was funded by libertarian billionaire Peter Thiel, which, according to many liberals, makes this the most vital First Amendment case of our lifetime.

May, 2016 – Who Is Peter Thiel? A Brief History of the Billionaire Trying to Destroy Gawker

“Peter Thiel has admitted to bankrolling anti-Gawker lawsuits in an attempt to shut down the website that once tried to out him as gay. But who is Thiel — and how did he make his billions?111dollar5

greenbacks1For starters, Thiel is currently worth $2.7 billion…

he “also co-founded PayPal and was an early investor in Facebook, and then sold the majority of his 10 percent stake in the social media giant following its 2012 IPO, but remains on its board to this day.”

“Thiel co-founded and chairs Palantir, a CIA-backed data company, and also has significant investments in Airbnb and Stripe (an Irish tech company that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet).”

A Gawker Post-Mortem: The inside story of the trial, its dirty PR campaign and the Russian oligarch who sponsored Nick Denton’s legal case

“In late May, Thiel confirmed to the The New York Times that he had funded the Hogan litigation because he saw Gawker “bullying people even when there was no connection with the public interest…Gawker published articles that were very painful and paralyzing for people who were targeted.” Now Gawker’s Dietrick, Denton and Goldin had just the villain they wanted.

Thiel, a gay billionaire who had been outed previously by Gawker (although Gawker denies outing him because they said “some people” already knew he was gay), had previously expressed disdain for its coverage of Silicon Valley, the source of Thiel’s wealth as a co-founder of PayPal. Moreover, for Gawker, Thiel was a perfect target.”

” . . . In the end, Thiel had the audacity — and resources — to break Gawker’s old business model of hurting people and then forcing the injured party to settle the case for an amount Gawker could live with.”

“Needing a sugar daddy to support his upcoming legal fight, [Gawker owner,] Denton and Dietrick sold a minority stake to a company controlled by Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg through a matryoshka doll of holding companies.

An associate and friend of Vladimir Putin, Vekselberg is often described as “one of Russia’s most powerful and connected billionaire barons.” Politico revealed in a barely noticed story that Vekselberg’s Columbus Nova would have veto power over key company decisions at Gawker, despite only owning a small piece of it.”

” . . . Fortune magazine did a deep dive into Gawker’s corporate structure and found that while Denton’s websites regularly harpooned tech giants like Google and Facebook for using byzantine schemes to reduce their tax burden, “Gawker Media quietly played the same game.” Gawker, it turned out, would “shovel its profits offshore in order to defer paying U.S. corporate tax. Gawker took that idea one step further—for the lion’s share of its profits, it didn’t just defer its U.S. taxes, but eliminated them altogether.” “

The Washington Examiner reports that Palantir, the intelligence contractor founded by Peter Thiel, donated “six figures” to the Clinton Foundation in 2014. The foundation is headed by Hillary Clinton and her husband, President Bill Clinton.

Peter Thiel’s Palantir only willing to work with Clinton campaign, #PodestaEmails

“Valued at nearly $20bn by Forbes, Palantir have sold surveillance tools to the CIA and the NSA.

Palantir joins Clinton Global Initiative – press release:

Joe Conason reports,
How Peter Thiel’s Premier Data-Mining Firm Validated Clinton Global Initiative

“Ten years after its founding, Palantir’s chief executive Alex Karp — one of the 111verticalCash2firm’s co-founders with Thiel — agreed to perform a highly sophisticated and costly feat of data analysis for the Clinton Global Initiative, at no charge.”

In hindsight it looks a lot like Palantir was covering up the giant sucking sound from CGI –

. . . Released in 2014, the Palantir report found that nearly 42 percent of all the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitments made between 2005 and 2013 had been completed successfully, while 40 percent were continuing to work toward their objectives. Only five percent were unsuccessful. Just under two percent were deemed to be stalled, while 11 percent were marked “unresponsive” for failing to report any progress for two years (and were removed from the list of active commitments). More than two-thirds of the successful commitments had exceeded their original goals.

– – – – – – – – – –

Nick Denton (owner of 53% Gawker Media) and Clinton Foundation pal – bankruptcy filing:

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Opinion: The FBI Harrasses Bloggers and Journalists But Gives a Free Pass to Treason and Graft at The Clinton Foundation

The InterceptThe FBI’s Secret Rules

President Trump has inherited a vast domestic intelligence agency with extraordinary secret powers. A cache of documents offers a rare window into the FBI’s quiet expansion since 9/11.

The documents include all kinds of big leeway in going after journalists, spying on people who are not criminals and screwing with bloggers. While the secretive FBI does all this they let Hillary and Bill Clinton pocket hundreds of billions of dollars in graft handed over by some of the world’s worst despots.

111verticalCashForeign-policy-for-sale and sloppy top-secret information handling with Hillary’s official State Dept. e-mail run through an illegal, unsecure Jerry-rigged server hidden in a bathroom in her unsecure home in New York get yawns from the FBI.

This no-budget blog has documented CF ties to heinous crimes like organ harvesting and child snatching and murder of investigators and whistle-blowers as well as bribe taking, blackmail-as- diplomacy and war crimes. We have pointed out the terrur weapons sale network run by Hillary’s State Dept. to prop up ISIS.

The documents revealed by The Intercept reveal the priorities at the FBI. . . trolling blogs and stomping on journos.


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Pew Charitable Trust and CF – PART 2 – and it’s a DOOZY!


In our previous post we were looking at

Tamera Luzzatto, Pew Trust and Hillary Clinton

We have a LOT to add. This material was sent in.

Disclaimer: what follows is OPINION.


Luzzatto served as then-Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief of staff  from 2001 to 2009. Prior to her service with Senator Clinton,  Luzzatto was on the staff of West Virginia Senator John D. Rockefeller IV for nearly 15 years, serving as legislative director and chief of staff. She was Senator Rockefeller’s primary liaison to two major advisory panels which he chaired, the National Commission on Children and the Pepper Commission on Health Care.


She also serves on the (JESUIT) Johns Hopkins Neurosurgery Advisory Committee
——— Obituary First Husband ——
———  2nd marriage—————

WEDDINGS; Tamera Luzzatto, David Leiter


/cfg/ Clinton Foundation General: Pedo Ring Edition
   ALT. LINK –


In 1985-2001 she was Chief Of Staff for Jay Rockefeller, then in 2001-2009 she was Chief of Staff for Hillary.

She was married to  Francis Almeida Luzzatto, who died in 1999. Luzzatto isn’t her maiden name.

she married Davied Leiter in 2001
Ms. Luzatto, 44, will keep her name.

Mail sent in 2015
Ruby, Emerson and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and almost 7)
meaning they were born in 2004, 2006 and 2008 or 2009

It’s too old for her to have children.

Ben Lozatto is the son of Tamera Lozzatto’s first husband, Francis Almeida Luzzatto. The children Ruby, Emerson and Maeve, are his with wife Alex Tydings. This makes the children her “step-grandchildren.”


Monday, May 11, 2009 the agnelli link

…President Bill Clinton appointed Gardner as U.S. Ambassador to Spain, from 1993 to 1997 (that is during Barcelona Conference). Like Bill Clinton and Strobe Talbott, Gardner was a Rhodes Scholar. These men were largely responsible on the US side for Solana’s appointment as head of NATO in 1995. (see also Dr. Dennis Cuddy). Gardner had married into one of the oldest Black Nobility families of Venice, thus providing the Venetian aristocracy a direct line to the White House. She, Danielle Almeida Luzzatto Gardner, 74, died 2008 Jan. 14 of a heart attack while attending a dinner at the Union League Club in New York….


I read a little more in this article and discovered that the Rockefellers are from an Italian Cabrarera bloodline and they are linked to CERN, the WMD collider in Switzerland:

….In an other article I could show how the Solana family is connected with the Rockefeller founded Cabrerera family since generations. (see here:
The experiments of Blas Cabrerera are a linked to the CERN centre in Geneva.  Like Javier Solana also Susanna Agnelli seems to be connected to theoretical physics also from early on. Here you see her at a conference of the Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste (Italy), together with Abdus Salam…..