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Kevin Shipp – Indictments Coming (promises, promises!)






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Why is Joshua Schulte charged with giving away classified information and not Hillary???

We have this news o the FC blog – Was Joshua Schulte set up by the Feds? They accuse him being WikiLeaks informant

A grand jury indicted former CIA employee, Joshua Schulte, for leaking classified information in 2016.

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chief development officer for CF joins Hillary PAC (slush fund tour), Onward Together

Washington Times

Hillary ” . . . Clinton’s been “spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City and Chappaqua, N.Y., meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s [Onward Together] board of directors.”

And here’s a harbinger of things to come: Clinton’s reportedly been tapping into Dennis Cheng’s talents to help find donors. Who’s Cheng?

Why, he’s the same guy who served chief development officer for the Clinton Foundation — and as her campaign finance director.”

The secretive group has no listed board of directors and doesn’t disclose sources of “donations”. Since Hillary takes bribes in the form of phony-baloney charity “gifts” it seems she’s just using the organization as a holding pen for graft.


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How Long Before the UK Charities-R-Pedo Rings Scandal Bounces Back to the Clinton Foundation?

All week in the UK the largest and most esteemed (royal connected) “aid” agencies are being revealed as vile predator conduits who help themselves (to children) instead of helping desperate disaster survivors.

The Daily Mail [UK] – British-funded charity supported by Meghan Markle faces food for sex scandal after Haiti quake survivors were told by its workers they could either pay for aid… or sleep with them for it
► Charity World Vision has admitted its workers traded food and cash for sex
► The confession by the charity will dismay supporters, including Meghan Markle
► MPs demanded an investigation into the aid industry and suggested World Vision – like Oxfam – might be stripped of bidding for fresh work with Dfid [Department for International Development]

How aid workers trawled the Haiti tent cities to pick up young orphaned girls as young as 12 for sex

Recall our post from January, 2017 – CF and Dirty Haiti Business – Child Trafficking

  More items on the exploitation of Haiti.

We ask: Doesn’t this pattern fit the Clinton Foundation actions in Haiti to a T?