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How Long Before the UK Charities-R-Pedo Rings Scandal Bounces Back to the Clinton Foundation?

All week in the UK the largest and most esteemed (royal connected) “aid” agencies are being revealed as vile predator conduits who help themselves (to children) instead of helping desperate disaster survivors.

The Daily Mail [UK] – British-funded charity supported by Meghan Markle faces food for sex scandal after Haiti quake survivors were told by its workers they could either pay for aid… or sleep with them for it
► Charity World Vision has admitted its workers traded food and cash for sex
► The confession by the charity will dismay supporters, including Meghan Markle
► MPs demanded an investigation into the aid industry and suggested World Vision – like Oxfam – might be stripped of bidding for fresh work with Dfid [Department for International Development]

How aid workers trawled the Haiti tent cities to pick up young orphaned girls as young as 12 for sex

Recall our post from January, 2017 – CF and Dirty Haiti Business – Child Trafficking

  More items on the exploitation of Haiti.

We ask: Doesn’t this pattern fit the Clinton Foundation actions in Haiti to a T?



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CF and Cloning (?)

This thread on has a great lead on CF with a possible link to cloning or other dark science.   How did the Clinton Foundation receive 4-star rating, the highest, from the charity rater, Charity Navigator, which is itself a charity?

ALT. Link –

“. . . . Could it also have something to do with someone on the Board of Directors of Charity Navigator? A person by the name of Thomas H Murray, Board Member and Vice-Chair, who is also the same as this guy: Thomas Murray, Ph. D., President Emeritus, of The Hastings Center in Garrison, NY.

This same Thomas Murray gave testimony before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations United States House of Representatives on March 28, 2001 at the request of President Bill Clinton. His testimony was on the bioethics of cloning.

Statement of Thomas H. Murray, Ph.D. Commissioner, National Bioethics Advisory Commission

An excerpt from is testimony:

“I want to begin by thanking Representative Greenwood for the invitation to speak to you today. My name is Dr. Thomas Murray, and I am a member of the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (NBAC). NBAC was established by President Clinton in 1995 to advise and make recommendations to the President through the National Science and Technology Council and to others on bioethics issues and their policy implications. My fellow commissioners on NBAC come from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, and include research scientists, religious scholars, physicians, lawyers, and members of the public. My day job is as President of The Hastings Center in Garrison, New York, an independent non-partisan research institute that addresses fundamental ethical issues in the areas of health and medicine, the biomedical sciences, and the environment. I serve on the Committee on Ethics of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and am the author of The Worth of a Child.”

This is directly related to Pizzagate because it may show another corruption of the Clinton Foundation and possibly a connection to cloning. . . . (more) “


Let’s dig a little at this website, . . . .

Look at all the labs they list –

Let’s check out the first item, Aga Khan University Bioethics Group and the Clinton Foundation . . .

We  get . . .World Bank Group works with over 80 foundations.” . . . and the first one listed is ” Aga Khan Development Network” and the Clinton Foundation is in there too. Maybe the World Bank passes money from/to CF to all these other entities.

Earlier post on Charity Navigator

NOTE – Garrison, New York is the home of Charity Navigator’s servers.

NOTE “bioethics” is a catchword associated with cloning. Many examples like this, , on the internet.

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Tony Blair Sure Likes African Kids. And Hillary is Very Interested in Tony.

We were randomly looking through the new batch of Huma e-mail obtained by Judicial Watch and came across something interesting on p. 74 of the file.

Hillary really wants to meet up with Tony Blair in the worst way and Huma is helping. They are going to meet in Oman.


The e-mail date stamp is Jan. 8, 2011. So where’s Tony Blair then? He might not be visiting his school in Sierra Leone but the info here is telling when you compare it to CF in Haiti and all the interest in dark skinned poor kids.

And Tony Blair is as big a suck-up to the Rothschilds as Hillary is.


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