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Kate Spade Found Dead – She Partnered with CF, Worked With Designer in Haiti


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Pedo-Connected Cemex CEO Lorenzo Zambrano Shakes Hands with Hillary – 2009 Photo

Public Domain Photo

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is greeted at TecMilenio University by Carlos Cruz Limón, Vice-rector of Innovation and Development of ITESM (center) and Lorenzo Zambrano, President of the Board of Directors of ITESM (right) in Monterrey, Mexico.”
Date –  26 March 2009

From – File:Hillary Clinton Lorenzo Zambrano TecMilenio

ALT LINK, State Dept. photo –

Pedo connection – the Tucson child trafficking bunker is on Cemex property

“Until about 15 years ago, Cemex’s Information Technology Division was viewed as a support department for the sales function. Cemex did not have an adequate computing or telecommunications infrastructure. Only a few executives had personal computers and integrated systems were a distant dream.

. . . Lorenzo Zambrano, a grandson of the founder of the company, took over the business in 1985 and decided to apply information technology to these problems. He and Cemex chief information officer Gelacio Iniguez developed a series of systems that would enable Cemex to manage unforecastable demand better than its competitors.”

Lorenzo Zambrano died in 2014. NYT Obit.


2013 press release – Cemex teams with Clinton-backed UN Foundation Alliance

“Amid General Assembly of the United Nations meetings in New York City, Cemex officials signed an agreement to join the UN Foundation Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The public-private partnership seeks to protect the environment and improve local communities’ quality of life by creating a global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions.”

Cemex participation in steering committee and advisory group activities, plus high-level meetings with sister UN organizations and the Clinton Global Initiative.”

White House Press ReleaseMay 19, 2010
Expected Attendees at Tonight’s State Dinner and Head Table Seating

– includes The Honorable Hillary R. Clinton, Secretary of State and Mr. Lorenzo Zambrano, CEO CEMEX, Mexico



CEMEX owns lots of large containers –

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Pedo-Connected Cemex reached out to Bill Clinton in 2015 about “operations in Haiti”

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chief development officer for CF joins Hillary PAC (slush fund tour), Onward Together

Washington Times

Hillary ” . . . Clinton’s been “spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City and Chappaqua, N.Y., meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s [Onward Together] board of directors.”

And here’s a harbinger of things to come: Clinton’s reportedly been tapping into Dennis Cheng’s talents to help find donors. Who’s Cheng?

Why, he’s the same guy who served chief development officer for the Clinton Foundation — and as her campaign finance director.”

The secretive group has no listed board of directors and doesn’t disclose sources of “donations”. Since Hillary takes bribes in the form of phony-baloney charity “gifts” it seems she’s just using the organization as a holding pen for graft.


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Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Reveal Classified Docs, Clinton Foundation Connections

Press Release – April 25, 2018

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 281 pages of newly uncovered emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the U.S. Department of State sent and received over her unsecure, non-“” email system. The emails, dated 2010 through 2013, contain classified information and detail collusion between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation.