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Corey’s Digs – Clintons’ Haitian Black Magic Secret

“Acting on the advice of a “houngan” or sorcerer, supplied by then-exiled President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Clinton did not change his underwear the last week of the 1992 campaign, voodoo practitioners say.

The same houngan also cast a “malediction” on President Bush by manipulating a doll made in the president’s image, goes the story. The torment climaxed when the houngan caused Bush’s projectile vomit into the lap of the Japanese prime minister as the world press looked on, disgracing him with the public.

Rev. Gerard Jean-Juste, who was a priest in Aristide’s entourage, claimed that Aristide had developed a powerful grip on Clinton’s psyche through the power of voodoo.”  . . . (lots more)


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Haiti, SAE-A Trading, Ban Ki Moon, Richard Branson & The Clintons

We have to look closer at the company that operates out of the Caracol Industrial Complex that the Clintons set up, SAE-A Trading, a Sth Korean business that specialises in textiles and garments with Walmart, (Clinton Donor) & JC Penny being the biggest customers. . . . (more)

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