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CF in Haiti Connected: Monica Petersen’s Sudden Death in Haiti

Mining Awareness –
Monica Petersen Memorial Service Livestreaming at 11 am Friday Colorado Time – Assistant Director Human Trafficking Center Died in Haiti

Lots of links to this unfolding story.
Note: Hurricane Matthew took an unexpected turn and hit east Haiti ON ELECTION DAY.

The Haitian Blogger – Hillary Clinton’s Scandalous Conduct in Haiti: Charity Begins At Home

“. . . . VCS Mining according to Schweitzer, had on its board of directors Tony Rodham. Never heard of him? Hillary Clinton’s family name is Hillary Rodham and Tony is her brother. Not only that, but the mining company also lists another board member, former Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive. Bellerive co-chaired the “charitable” Interim Haiti Recovery Commission with former US President and Hillary’s husband (at least legally), William Jefferson Clinton.”