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Manafort Plea Deal Undone

Nuke Pro –
Obama Judge, Highly Slanted Amy Berman Jackson — Voids Manafort Plea Deal — Setting Him Up For Prison

  • Now handling the Stone and Manafort Cases.
  • She “handled” The Benghazi case, throwing out the complaints of the families to Protect HRC.
  • She “handled” Fast and Furious to prevent Holder from being prosecuted.
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Huma Abedin The Smoking Gun?

Zero Hedge Is “Special Government Employee” Huma Abedin The Smoking Gun In Hillary’s “Pay-To-Play” Scheme?

[Quoting Bloomberg News-]
“Huma Abedin stepped down from her post as deputy chief of staff at the State Department and Hillary Clinton’s ever-present personal assistant on June 3, 2012. Only she didn’t really leave.

superboyRobot00Instead, in a reverse twist on a program intended to bring talented outsiders into government, Abedin was immediately rehired as a “special government employee.” She also took paying jobs with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm with international clients that was co-founded by a foundation official who also was Bill Clinton’s long-time personal aide.

Abedin’s multitasking in the final eight months of Hillary Clinton’s time as the top U.S. diplomat — and her role as intermediary for some of the same players before that — are drawing renewed scrutiny after a conservative watchdog group’s release last week of a new batch of e-mails to and from Clinton aides. Abedin has become the personification of an election-year debate over whether the nonprofit foundation will create conflicts of interest if Clinton wins the White House.”

” . . . . . When Clinton was awaiting confirmation as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state in 2009, she wrote a letter to the State Department’s chief ethics officer promising that she wouldn’t “participate personally and substantially in any particular matter that has a direct and predictable effect upon this foundation, unless I first obtain a written waiver or qualify for a regulatory exemption.”

But that “did not preclude other State Department officials from having contact with the Clinton Foundation staff,” just as they “are regularly in touch with a wide variety of outside individuals and organizations,” department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters last week.”
[emphasis added]

The Bloomberg story.
We will be following Teneo Holdings stories because anytime they come up in CF news story it stinks to high heaven – FC.

Huma had access to Hillary’s secret server as reported in the FC blog 2 weeks ago – Huma, Huma, Huma . . .