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Corey’s Digs – Clintons Circle The Drain

Arkansas Swamp Bleeds as Clintons Circle The Drain

” . . . Remember the plane full of documents in Little Rock? Everyone was speculating as to who/what it could be about, and hoping it had to do with the Clinton Foundation investigations. Is it possibly connected to this ongoing investigation into legislator fraud? In August 2018, Deputy Attorney General Lloyd Warford, said that investigators have at least 4 million documents in a vault and another 200 gigabytes of information they have collected from the Department of Human Services.  Warford also confirmed that more lawmakers are under investigation by the state, in cooperation with the federal investigation. They have already convicted over a dozen individuals in one case alone, several of which are former or current legislators, one former senator has already begun his 18-year prison sentence, and there are a slew of other individuals listed in indictments. It is quite an extensive list below. . . . “