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2016 article – Huma Abedin Has Run “Human Trafficking in Unpaid Interns”

Clinton Foundation’s Huma Abedin Has Run “Human Trafficking in Unpaid Interns”

The Clinton Foundation is like a Russian doll of corruption: every time you think you’ve hit the bottom, there’s another layer. We have learned that the Clinton Foundation, courting wealthy donors from the Middle East, may have human-trafficked in unpaid interns, forced to do unspeakable things for their Clinton Foundation masters.  . . .

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New FBI docs made public about Hillary’s illegal e-mail server

From – New FBI Vault Drop On Clinton Emails – Comey Communications Re: Lynch, Clinton, Obama

The FBI file you can download –

We took a look and here’s our summary –

P.11 —-  Has whistle-blower inside-state-dept. info…. the person walked in to the FBI with e-mail evidence against Hillary.

P. 35 —-  Senate Committee on the Judiciary alarmed over DoJ conflicts of interest – May, 2016 letter to Comey.

P. 47 —-  Hillary’s recklessness with her official supposed-to-be-confidential e-mail detailed.
She used Yahoo e-mail too. Had forwarded classified e-mail to unsecure e-mail accounts.

P. 53 —-  Huma had access to thousands of Hillary’s e-mails not addressed to her.

P.54 —-  Hillary’s legal team skipped over the Huma e-mails (all the Benghazi stuff) that they were supposed to disclose to the FBI.

Then lots on chain of evidence for the boxes of e-mails, laptops etc. turned over to the FBI.

P. 122 —-  FBI talks to Hillary’s tech guy, Cooper. Maybe about the basement server.

P. 137 —-  FBI interview with Platteriver person on “Mishandling of Classified”.

P. 154 —-  Hillary server home-made security plan (diagram).

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Huma Dish

Zero Hedge –
Clinton’s Closest Advisors Blast Huma For Derailing Campaign

” . . . . all changed one fateful day in late October 2016 when a letter from FBI Director James Comey to Congress revealed that Huma’s carelessness had resulted in a re-opening of the Hillary email investigation.  Apparently the FBI took some issue with Huma backing up sensitive State Department records to the computer of her sexting-obsessed husband, and former NYC mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner.

And while it’s still unclear how the relationship between Clinton and Abedin has evolved since Huma derailed the entire campaign and cost Hillary her life’s dream of absolute power, one thing is certain: Hillary’s closest advisors can’t stand her. “

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New E-Mail Dump Reveals CF Donors’ “Special Access”

Judicial WatchNew Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors

” . . . In response to a court order in other Judicial Watch litigation, she cuffsSM3declared under penalty of perjury that she had “directed that all my emails on in my custody that were or are potentially federal records be provided to the Department of State, and on information and belief, this has been done.” This new email find is also at odds with her official campaign statement suggesting all “work or potentially work-related emails” were provided to the State Department.”

Washington PostEmails reveal how foundation donors got access to Clinton and her close aides at State Dept.

NY TimesFoundation Donors Who Met, Talked With Clinton

WASHINGTONHillary Clinton met or talked by phone with at least 154 people from private interests, such as corporations, during her time as secretary of the state. More than half those people had donated either personally or through companies or groups to the Clinton Foundation or pledged to donate to specific programs through the charity’s international arm.”

Zero HedgeOver Half Of Hillary’s Private Meetings As Secretary Were With Donors Who Paid $156 Million


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Huma Abedin The Smoking Gun?

Zero Hedge Is “Special Government Employee” Huma Abedin The Smoking Gun In Hillary’s “Pay-To-Play” Scheme?

[Quoting Bloomberg News-]
“Huma Abedin stepped down from her post as deputy chief of staff at the State Department and Hillary Clinton’s ever-present personal assistant on June 3, 2012. Only she didn’t really leave.

superboyRobot00Instead, in a reverse twist on a program intended to bring talented outsiders into government, Abedin was immediately rehired as a “special government employee.” She also took paying jobs with the Clinton Foundation and Teneo Holdings, a consulting firm with international clients that was co-founded by a foundation official who also was Bill Clinton’s long-time personal aide.

Abedin’s multitasking in the final eight months of Hillary Clinton’s time as the top U.S. diplomat — and her role as intermediary for some of the same players before that — are drawing renewed scrutiny after a conservative watchdog group’s release last week of a new batch of e-mails to and from Clinton aides. Abedin has become the personification of an election-year debate over whether the nonprofit foundation will create conflicts of interest if Clinton wins the White House.”

” . . . . . When Clinton was awaiting confirmation as President Barack Obama’s secretary of state in 2009, she wrote a letter to the State Department’s chief ethics officer promising that she wouldn’t “participate personally and substantially in any particular matter that has a direct and predictable effect upon this foundation, unless I first obtain a written waiver or qualify for a regulatory exemption.”

But that “did not preclude other State Department officials from having contact with the Clinton Foundation staff,” just as they “are regularly in touch with a wide variety of outside individuals and organizations,” department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau told reporters last week.”
[emphasis added]

The Bloomberg story.
We will be following Teneo Holdings stories because anytime they come up in CF news story it stinks to high heaven – FC.

Huma had access to Hillary’s secret server as reported in the FC blog 2 weeks ago – Huma, Huma, Huma . . .