Clintons and Richard Branson’s Caribbean Tour – Corey’s Digs

2018 –
Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Branson

“Bill Clinton was recently in Saint Lucia celebrating the new solar farm that the Clintons were instrumental in erecting. Who knew that the Clintons and Richard Branson were spearheading a renewable energy project across the entire Caribbean known as the ‘Ten Island Challenge’, locking in every island, forming a perimeter around all their favorite places, such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Kenya, and Tanzania? If one didn’t know better, isn’t that the route drug traffickers and child traffickers utilize? It could just be a coincidence, but it sure is an interesting pattern. And they are just getting started, adding more islands to the list as they go. Sure, importing fossil fuels for power is likely costly and not terribly “green”, but solar panels don’t stand a chance in a hurricane, yet the majority of these islands are in the hurricane beltway. So what’s this REALLY all about? What’s in it for them?

This was a very strategically thought-out plan that involves governments, politicians, the billionaire clan, power companies, and one of the biggest shipping industry companies in the world. What the heck would they have to do with renewable energy? A lot. In this open-sourced investigation, you will see the timeline, the shipmates, and how it all connects. You will see how it all manifested and possibilities as to where it is headed.” . . . (more)

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Hillary as Sec. of State, Symbion Power and Tanzania

LINK – https://youtu.be/nGFjlUQF1VI
(Sources in the video description.)

By Chuck Ross

  • Hillary Clinton’s emails as secretary of state have revealed that her longtime friend, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, lobbied her heavily on behalf of Symbion Power.
  • Soon after Wilson began contacting Clinton about Symbion, a foreign aid agency chaired by Clinton awarded the company $47 million in contracts to build a power plant in Tanzania.
  • A newly released email shows Clinton told Wilson she visited the power plant at his urging.

“While serving as secretary of state in 2011, Hillary Clinton visited a power company in Africa at the urging of former Ambassador Joe Wilson, a longtime Clinton friend who happened to serve as a director at the company Symbion Power.

Emails released by the State Department since 2015 have showed Wilson lobbied Clinton heavily on behalf of Symbion, which he joined in June 2009. By September 2010, a foreign aid agency chaired by Clinton awarded Symbion a nearly $47 million contract to build a power plant in Tanzania.”

Kidnap of African billionaire Mohammed Dewji in Tanzania was ‘political warning’

ALT LINK – https://abcnews.go.com/International/africas-youngest-billionaire-kidnapped-tanzania/story?id=58430878