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CF slush fund funding explained in example of NY State Dem Committee “donations”

Great reporting by the Post’s Jon Levine . . .

Democrat Chairman Jay Jacobs’ charity donated over $800K to Clinton foundations

“He’s in Camp Clinton.

State Democratic Committee Chairman Jay Jacobs donated more than $800,000 to charities aligned with Bill and Hillary Clinton since 2009, a Post review of tax forms shows.

The cash is a curious expenditure from Jacobs’ charity, the TLC Starfish Foundation, which boasts on its website that it “partners with charities to provide underserved children the opportunity to participate in a variety of summer camps.”

The cash was variously disbursed over the years to the Clinton Global Initiative and the William Clinton Foundation — despite neither organization being involved in summer camps. . . . “(more)


2 thoughts on “CF slush fund funding explained in example of NY State Dem Committee “donations”

  1. “…Remarkably, both Bill and Hillary Clinton previously found themselves in a campaign finance controversy when some reporters suggested that they had received money from foreign sources. FTX appears to be a convenient vehicle to solve such a dilemma: hypothetically, it could quietly funnel crypto from any country for Democrats’ campaigns.”–fraud-bombshells-1105239391.html


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