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CF and Dirty Haiti Business – Child Trafficking

ITEM – We have connected James Alefantis with wanted child-trafficker Laura Silsby

The news is breaking fast on exposing the international pedo ring connections to CF pals in Haiti.
As there are now too many CF-Haiti theme stories we will not be posting them all here. They are being well covered at VOAT.CO.
 •   To keep up with that news check at

Use common search terms for the Haiti players or scan the headlines in the “NEW” section of the thread.
This dirt is revealing child trafficking help from the highest levels of the US government and foreign governments or US plants in foreign governments.

cuffs_95purpOur other posts on Haiti have comments containing updates and most of those updates are coming from VOAT.CO.

13 thoughts on “CF and Dirty Haiti Business – Child Trafficking

  1. Dr. Leuren Moret says,
    “Maccoby has all of the attributes of a CIA operative. The MITRE corporation link is very telling: it is a private corporation that came out of MIT professors, and later was privatized to manage and fund scientists under contract to the US Govt. such as the scientists who developed HAARP, West Point grad and advisor to many US Presidents Col. Wheeler who was assassinated around New Years of 2011 just before the Fukushima disaster 3/11/2011 [Jeff Rense was interviewing me in Feb. 2011 about the death of Col. Wheeler, but when I exposed too much he started screaming on the air and the interview he told me “disappeared from his archive”], and MITRE was involved in 9/11. Maccoby was on the MITRE payroll as a scientific contractor for a number of years. This guy is no lightweight, he is deep deep deep intel, and had a well greased ride through academia, consulting, publishing, and fellowships. He is part of a very large, far reaching covert US govt. operation.”


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