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George Webb on CF and the Globalist Criminal Network

Our Story So Far . . .

George Webb on the Clinton Foundation & Globalist Criminal Network – Our Interesting Times Podcast



George Webb’s massive spreadsheet of facts –

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‘Where is Eric Braverman?’ Series Update

Our older info on the missing CF CEO is on this post.

Here he is!

Eric Braverman Joins The Eric and Wendy Schmidt Group as President

All along George Webb has been the fellow asking, daily, “Where is Eric Braverman?” on his YouTube channel.
Then (day 95) the title of his daily report changed to
Day 95 – DynCorp, Haiti, and Me, Part 1, Who Killed Monica Petersen?


There’s loads more on his channel so visit there for info on CF and Haiti, CF and organ  harvesting, the compromised FBI, child trafficking etc. etc.

The STG Report gives a good summary of the Braverman search and why the title has changed on George Webb’s videos.- – –


There is too much news on his reports to post here!


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Charles Ortel: The Clinton Foundation is a Charity Fraud Network

A Deep Dive into How the Clinton Foundation Operates Illegally and in Haiti

State, federal, and foreign laws bar public charities from being run for private gain in interstate commerce—which means, by using the mail, telephones or the internet. The Clinton Foundation’s complex operations (it is not just one entity but a web of them) do not comply with this requirement. Nor does the Clinton Foundation ever seem to have submitted its financial records to an independent, properly certified audit by a qualified accounting firm.

Overall I consider the Clinton Foundation to be a charity fraud network. . . (more)

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CF Mega-File


Fast text page

From :

” This record from the Caligula Clinton Foundation’s website of its interest in Nepal’s ‘recovery’ and also provides an excerpt from a documentary on the rampant organ harvesting going on there  


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CF and Dirty Haiti Business – Child Trafficking

ITEM – We have connected James Alefantis with wanted child-trafficker Laura Silsby

The news is breaking fast on exposing the international pedo ring connections to CF pals in Haiti.
As there are now too many CF-Haiti theme stories we will not be posting them all here. They are being well covered at VOAT.CO.
 •   To keep up with that news check at

Use common search terms for the Haiti players or scan the headlines in the “NEW” section of the thread.
This dirt is revealing child trafficking help from the highest levels of the US government and foreign governments or US plants in foreign governments.

cuffs_95purpOur other posts on Haiti have comments containing updates and most of those updates are coming from VOAT.CO.