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We’re Back!

Mystery lock out is OVER! smilieBlue


YOU could see the blog but we couldn’t! And we couldn’t post anything when all this exciting stuff was going on with more leaks and news coming out. During the lock out we posted some items on this fill-in blog.




Did Canadian mining magnate, Frank Giustra, buy Hillary’s new stump jet?111dollar1
Isn’t it illegal (if he did)???

Maybe Saudi Arabia bought it for her.

The Damning Link Between Mylan and the Clinton Foundation
“A damning congressional report fresh off the press Tuesday (Sept. 20) connects the Clinton Foundation and three Indian drug companies – one of which was bought by Mylan NV a decade ago – to a humanitarian scandal…
Since 2002, the drug companies have been providing cheap but allegedly watered-down anti-HIV drugs to various African countries. The report was initiated by U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) and prepared over the course of two months. . . ”

Bloomberg News
A New Influencer Gabfest Is Set to Fill Clinton Global Initiative Void –
The Concordia Summit offers A-listers the chance to rub elbows.

♫ ♩ Tra-la-la!
“The Clinton Foundation111dollar7 has thrown its last Clinton Global Initiative, the star-studded conference on the margins of the United Nations annual General Assembly meeting. But the do-gooders [sic] , executives, heads of state, and other influencers who’ve flocked to the Clintons’ annual New York gabfest need not fear: There’s another conference happening in the same city in the same week and with a similar agenda. It’s even attracted a lot of the same people who’ve attended the Clinton event in the past, including Madeleine Albright, Cherie Blair, and George Soros.”

CF and Haiti

Ezili’s Haiti Message to Donald Trump Team
“If the decrees of illegally elected president,111dollar6 Michel Martelly, starting from when the Clintons took over Haiti, and through his presidency from 2011 to 2016, are not reversed by the next Parliament, then Haitians have lost more lands under the Obama Administration than under any other previous US president in history. More than 30% of Haiti territory have been cordoned off and placed in the hands of foreigners, most of whom are big Clinton Foundation donors.

Newest Clinton Foundation Scandal – Haiti’s lime crop

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