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Former Obama Officials Ordered By Judge To Answer Judicial Watch Questions

A federal judge ordered multiple senior Obama Administration officials, State Department officials and former Hillary Clinton aides Thursday to provide answers under oath to questions requested by Judicial Watch after a roughly four year court battle. . . . (more)

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Dr. Dave Janda Says Indictments Around the Corner – now that rule of law judges lead Supreme Court


This Zero Hedge article has the summary –  

As Deep State Hysteria Builds, Trump “Knows This Thing Is Rigged To Blow”

” believe we have a five to four rule of law majority in the Supreme Court. I believe (DOJ prosecutor) Huber has been working on these indictments behind the scenes, and they will be unsealed as soon as the declassification occurs. I believe military tribunals have been set up and will become more overt in their operation . . .”

The question had been is Trump a (Wall Street) wolf in sheep’s clothing, appealing to voters but working against their interest – OR – is Trump a shot gun wielding sheep out to get the Deep State wolves and bad actors who have ruled by blackmail and threats for so long?

Janda’s explanation of Trump’s neo-con cabinet appointments makes sense.  

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2016 article – Huma Abedin Has Run “Human Trafficking in Unpaid Interns”

Clinton Foundation’s Huma Abedin Has Run “Human Trafficking in Unpaid Interns”

The Clinton Foundation is like a Russian doll of corruption: every time you think you’ve hit the bottom, there’s another layer. We have learned that the Clinton Foundation, courting wealthy donors from the Middle East, may have human-trafficked in unpaid interns, forced to do unspeakable things for their Clinton Foundation masters.  . . .