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HUMA Abedin [State Dept.] FOIA Reveals Rothschilds, Soros, Pizza e-mails

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More Hillary e-mail released by FBI

FBI Vault Hillary Clinton e-mail is now up to SET 11 –

The entire FBI Vault collection of Hillary e-mail is also on our DOCUMENTS page – FC

  Also – we added a new link to the Resources page for this:


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Coca Cola and Dow Chemical and CF

Coca Cola and Dow Chemical Propped Clinton Foundation Up with Millions in Donations

” . . . . WikiLeaks has blown the lid wide open on donations to the Clinton family, exceeding $10 million from Dow Chemical alone.

It isn’t novel news that Clinton’s long-running ties with agrochemical giants have flourished. The relationship between Monsanto and Hillary Clinton is well documented. However, in the latest revelation, via WikiLeaks leaking a memo from Douglas Band – a top Bill Clinton aide – a relationship between Dow Chemical, Coca Cola and other large organizations and Clinton is a “pay for play” arrangement.