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Kevin Shipp – Indictments Coming (promises, promises!)






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chief development officer for CF joins Hillary PAC (slush fund tour), Onward Together

Washington Times

Hillary ” . . . Clinton’s been “spending recent weeks in Washington, New York City and Chappaqua, N.Y., meeting with donors and potential groups to invest in, and recruiting individuals for the group’s [Onward Together] board of directors.”

And here’s a harbinger of things to come: Clinton’s reportedly been tapping into Dennis Cheng’s talents to help find donors. Who’s Cheng?

Why, he’s the same guy who served chief development officer for the Clinton Foundation — and as her campaign finance director.”

The secretive group has no listed board of directors and doesn’t disclose sources of “donations”. Since Hillary takes bribes in the form of phony-baloney charity “gifts” it seems she’s just using the organization as a holding pen for graft.


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Judicial Watch: New Clinton Emails Reveal Classified Docs, Clinton Foundation Connections

Press Release – April 25, 2018

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch today released 281 pages of newly uncovered emails of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from the U.S. Department of State sent and received over her unsecure, non-“” email system. The emails, dated 2010 through 2013, contain classified information and detail collusion between the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation.