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John Podesta’s new mission – dismantle the First Amendment

Sleezy pizzagate star, John Podesta crawled out from under a rock to attack the Mueller Report findings on this CBS News interview.  His feathers are ruffled because the whole “blame-Russia” thing was probably his idea in the first place as he is still doing PR for his client, Hillary Clinton.

CBS points out he is head of this group, Center for American Progress (a re-elect Hillary sleeper cell).  So we took a look atheir website.
On the front page it shows their big concern is these pesky, dangerous RIGHT WINGERS.

They must be stamped out and they keep on using this dangerous FREE SPEECH thing to get their point across.
America must wake up and get rid of this First Amendment ASAP, he says. . . . (more)

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CIA-Linked Nellie Ohr Gave Extensive Anti-Trump Research To High-Ranking DOJ Husband: Transcripts

From Zero Hedge

“The wife of former Justice Department #4 official Bruce Ohr conducted extensive opposition research on Trump family members and campaign aides while working for Fusion GPS – the firm paid by the Clinton campaign to produce a ‘salacious and unverified’ Russian-sourced dossier which would later be used against Trump and his campaign.”

story –

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Hillary feigns interest in national security (and avoids Russia-gate topic that she initiated)

Hillary seems oblivious to her threat to national security as Secretary of State with her leaky illegal server putting confidential material in the hands of China and Russia etc.

Note witty replies like this:

You’re tweeting about climate change after Mueller just finished his 2 year witch hunt that you started with your fake dossier??


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Hillary lied under oath in 2015 about her e-mails getting turned over to State Dept.

“The new batch of Hillary Clinton emails obtained by Judicial Watch contains messages that the former secretary of state tried to delete, according to the watchdog. The latest collection casts doubt on Clinton’s 2015 statement under oath that she handed all her confidential work-related emails to the State Department.”


Judicial Watch press release – Judicial Watch Uncovers More Classified Emails in Hillary Clinton’s Unsecure Email System